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Verge Sport is an American brand with European manufacturing and an international presence. The inspiration behind the company came from the clothing needs of elite athlete and company founder, Michael Magur. Racing in the European road cycling circuit throughout the early 1990s it became obvious to Michael that the custom technical apparel that was available at the time was not keeping pace with the needs of the peloton. The wheels turned, and Verge Sport was born in 1999.

Since the inception of Verge Sport, we have made it a point to push the limits as a technical clothing brand. While we are experts at what we do, we have remained connected to our roots as athletes, so our wants and needs are the same as yours. Verge Sport is knowledgeable and confident about all levels of custom sublimation and technical garment production, without being elitist or discouraging. We speak to the top-end technically minded consumer while remaining welcoming to sports apparel newcomers.

Athletes across the world have worn Verge Sport garments on their way to the podium for nearly two decades. Our New York, European, Australian and Asian offices have years of custom sports apparel experience, and our family-owned production facility uses the latest in digital sublimation equipment which is capable of creating a full range of custom cycling, running, triathlon, and nordic sportswear with industry-leading quality and turnaround times.

Our company mission is for you to be happy with not only our product but the entire ordering and communication process. We are certain you will be as excited as we are to push the limits with Verge Sport and we look forward to bumping into you out on the open road.

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