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Cadence (WALES) Round 4 British National Junior Series 2019

Blair, Keith, Alex, Oscar, Adam and Logan travelled down to Cadence in Wales for the 4th round of the British national Junior series. On the Saturday evening they arrived at the race HQ to complete a recce of the course. It is a fast course with a tough hill just before the finish that was to be climbed 7 times but would be sore after a few laps. The race start was at 10:30 on Sunday, after their stay in the local Travel Lodge they were all fired up for the race. The team arrived at 8:30 to get signed on and numbers pinned. With a race briefing from Blair, Keith checked the bikes thoroughly to ensure they were in racing condition. After a warm-up on the rollers the boys were on the start line ready to go. The race started very fast with riders attacking and being chased constantly, the first time up the finishing hill was hectic, but they all placed close to the front to cover any big moves.

Alex broke his wheel after another rider put his foot in it but quickly got it sorted and had to chase hard to get back on, which he did before the end of the second lap. On the third lap Oscar and Logan attacked and got a bit of a gap but this didn't stick as more riders bridged across. On the 4th lap Alex attacked and got about 20 seconds, Logan then bridged across and the two Spokes RT riders worked really well to get an advantage. They were later joined by around 8 others and worked in a chain gang to try keep away from the bunch. Logan took a KoM prime. Again, this was brought back after a strong ride from the peloton.

With one lap to go Logan was feeling good and put in a last-ditch attempt to go clear. He got around 20 seconds before being joined by eventual winner Oscar Nilsen Julien and 3rd place George Mills Keening. The group hammered the last half of the last lap and hit the climb hard. Logan managed to hang on for second which was his first podium in a national series race. Oscar finished 23rd, Adam 25th and Alex 57th. Huge thanks to all the sponsors, Blair and Keith for supporting the team and ensuring they were race ready over the weekend. Onto the 3 Days of Axel which is a stage race in Holland and Belgium where hopefully the team can get another result!


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