• Spokes RT

Clayton Road Race 2019

by Logan McLean

Good day at the office for me, Alex and Scott. Scott got away with a group of 4 right at the very beginning which stuck until the end. The second lap in me and Alex tried to bridge across but we got pulled back by peloton, which then sat up and didn’t do anything to chase. Alex and I went again but the peloton wouldn’t let anyone else away so we got brought back a few laps later. The 4 in front, Scott’s group, got 3 minutes as one of the riders from the second peloton bridged across to the juniors. I followed him off the front and we just missed out on catching the group (around 10 seconds) at the finish. Scott got a strong 4th, I got 6th and Alex finished comfortably in the peloton (unsure on position) but the 3 of us worked well as a team!


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